We are committed to improving the lives of our patients one spine at a time. Back pain doesn't just hurt, it keeps you from living your best life and we want to do something about that. Our mission is to help you, and keep you working, playing, spending time with your family and doing whatever else is important to you. The quality of your life is affected by the quality of your health and we aid you in improving the quality of your health.

About Dr. Blaine Awerkamp

Awerkamp Family

Born in Utah, Dr. Awerkamp spent his early years living in California. Spending many hot, sunny days on the beach in his youth and grew a love for the ocean and water in general. He did his undergraduate training at BYU and then completed his chiropractic training at Western States Chiropractic College (Now Western States University) in Portland, Oregon. He graduated with highest honors as the top student in his class. Dr. Awerkamp has been married to his wife, Cheryl, for 35 years and thankful for his wife for putting him through school. They have 6 children, two of whom were born during those years of chiropractic college. They are proud grandparents of 11 grandchildren, 8 boys and 3 girls. He is actively involved in the church and community activities. He has always been active and loves sports. Dr. Awerkamp has played just about everything and his current passion is pickleball. He enjoys being outside, working in his yard, and nothing is better to him than a day at the lake with his family. He can still out waterski all of them (although he willingly admits they are better at wakeboarding and surfing than he is). His goal is to make a contribution and to live a life to the fullest and he wants to help you do the same. That is why he finds so much joy in helping people with the individual care he provides.


  • “My Experience with Dr. Awerkamp has been nothing but great! Having had hip problems all my life, I've seen several chiropractors and Dr. Awerkamp is by far my favorite! He's very gentle and I'll be forever grateful for everything he helps me with. I tell all of my friends about his awesome care from my ankles to my neck, He's fixed it!! He truly cares about his patients.”
    - Jen P
  • "Dr. Awerkamp does a great job every time I have problems with my neck and back. In the last 5 years I have been in two wrecks. The first wreck I didn't use a chiropractor and had a really long and painful recovery. I relied mostly on pain pills and heat packs. For the second wreck I used Dr. Awerkamp and the recovery was much quicker. He saved me a lot of time from being bed and also from the high dosage pain pills that it normally took . Awerkamp Chiropractic is a friendly learning experience. I used heat the first time to help with the pain but I learned that ice, not heat needs to be used to reduce the swelling. You can feel of his desire to help and good integrity from just the first time you meet him. He's a great chiropractor and I would recommend him to anyone.”
    -Michael J. D
  • “I would be able to function with out chiropractic care. It's one of the best things for me, I tell everyone they need it. It seems like I have known Blaine all of my life. THE BEST!! The staff is always helpful and friendly.”
    - Garry E
  • “ I can tie my shoes without a lot of pain. I can go up and down the stairs more easily. I have noticed a big difference with chiropractic care. Dr. Awerkamp is a great person and expressed great concerns towards my health. The staff is as wonderful as a person could ask for.”
    - Ricky D
  • “I feel my body can more easily feel when it is out of alignment. My back problems are so much better since having regular visits. I love and completely support chiropractic care. Dr. Awerkamp is truly a kind man, I feel he is honest and very aware of each persons issues. I love the staff, Super Super Friendly.”
    -Shantel H

What You Should Know

Chiropractic and Health

Your Spine

Chiropractic care is a health care profession that focuses on the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system and the effects they have on your body. If you notice any of the following symptoms chiropractic care maybe just what you need. Back Pain, Neck pain, Headaches, Pregnancy and so much more. Chiropractors use a hands-on drug free approach to your health and wellness. Our biggest priority at Awerkamp Chiropractic is helping our patients live their best life and when your body is functioning at its highest potential it gives you time to enjoy the things that matter most in life.

What to Expect

Who should visite us

Dr. Awerkamp does an initial consultation where he sits down with you and goes over all of your symptoms and previous health issues and concerns. We have all of the equipment here on site and feel like that helps us give you the best care possible. Dr. Awerkamp is skilled in a number of techniques and always stays up to date on the latest procedures that are introduced to chiropractic.


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